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Rainmaker Media Works specializes in developing social media marketing and online marketing strategy for businesses in creative industries such as art and art licensing, craft and hobby, and the handmade movement. Our goal is to empower creative people to take charge of their online marketing with guidance, tools, and strategy provided by us in our coaching programs. We also provide full-service social media management services to select corporate clients, by referral only.

As a company owner, designer, or marketing director in the crafts industry, you know that you should be “doing social media”. Maybe you’ve created accounts and started posting, gotten a few followers, and are wondering, “now what?” Or maybe you have not even started creating accounts! In any case, there is a much better reason and way to “do social media” than just because everyone else is.

Rainmaker Media Works is here to help.

RMW founder Jennifer Priest’s approach to social media marketing is accessible, goal-oriented, and visually stimulating. As a business owner herself, Jennifer understands the importance of time management when it comes to social media marketing competing for your production, planning, and fulfillment time. In addition, Jennifer knows the importance of defining goals prior to embarking on any social media marketing campaigns. Her in-depth knowledge of the crafts & design industries, its target-customers, and craft techniques and products are invaluable in approaching your social media marketing strategy. An analyst and reasearcher at her core, Jennifer stays up-to-date on the latest social media marketing trends, changes in Terms of Service (TOS), and is constantly testing strategy in her own backyard, Hydrangea Hippo and Just JP.



Our goal and purpose is to help your business succeed by empowering you to take charge of your business’s brand, online marketing, and social media presence.

We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Boutique full-service strategic management of your company’s social presence and accounts
  • Enterprise-level consulting services to support your in-house social media marketing team
  • Personal coaching for designers, solopreneuers, and artists to support them as the voice of their company online
  • Online support groups for social media marketers
  • Strategic Plan Development, Social Media “Tune-Ups”, Online Marketing Assessments, Account Set Up, and other boutique services to complement your markeing strategy

We bring over 10 years of experience in the arts & crafts industry to our approach to social media marketing and online marketing. We intimately understand the consumer experience in the arts & crafts industry, the challenges faced by retailers, designers, and other solopreneuers in today’s market, and the nuances of B2B manufacturers creating relationships with consumers and retailers alike via social media. Do you create and sell handmade wares and art? We’ve been in your shoes, selling on etsy for over 8 years and at craft fairs for the last 20 years. We tailor our services to each client based on their needs, business size, and goals in an effort to offer the best results possible for each client.


Our team is led by Jennifer Priest, of Hydrangea Hippo and Just JP.  Since the age of nine years old, Jennifer has been a crafter and entrepreneur, selling her handmade earrings at craft fairs and running a pony ride stand in her small town as a child. In 2003, Jennifer officially entered the craft industry, teaching classes at local stores and events and becoming a CHA Designer Member in 2011. Marketing was essential to Jennifer’s success and she made it her mission to embrace new technology and marketing methods in the promotion of her own businesses of teaching online and in-person classes, selling on etsy and at craft fairs, and blogging for her own site and for others. In 2010, she started offering consulting and coaching services to help others with their online marketing, specifically social media marketing. Through Rainmaker Media Works, Jennifer has helped hundreds of crafters and business owners learn how to market their businesses using social media platforms like Facebook, via email marketing, and through blogging.

Jennifer has presented at the Craft & Hobby Association trade shows, at blogging conferences, and with other craft and art focused organizations such as the Academy of Handmade Artists & Supporters and Craftcation. Her consulting firm Rainmaker Media Works, provides social media management services and blogger outreach for craft product manufacturers as well as coaching services to artists and makers.


Check out our Services Page to learn more about the packages we offer. Or, send us a message using the contact form below.

Phone: 909-312-0688

Facebook (send us a message): Rainmaker Media Works

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