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Hey there! Welcome … We do a Periscope every Wednesday on social media, small business, and more pertaining to creative businesses. Here are the archives of those ‘scopes, just for you 🙂 Because we like you!

#DecDailyScope series:

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In December 2015, we are scoping every day and putting the videos on YouTube so you can watch them later. Now is the time to get your business in gear for 2016! These scopes are intended to help answer questions you might have in your business and help solve the problems that are stopping you from moving forward to success. You CAN make money from your creativity and from crafts and I am here to show you how. Watch the videos here:

#RMWSocial Wednesday Scopes and Blabs

RMWSocial Blab Generic

Every Wednesday I bring you a fresh scope on a topic you choose! Members of our Smart Creative Social group help determine the topic of the week based on their questions and discussionin the group. Want to join the conversation? JOIN OUR GROUP HERE. Watch our archive of weekly scopes here:

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