Rainmaker Media Works is a boutique consulting firm offering custom solutions tailored to each individual client. Because all of our solutions are custom crafted to meet your specific goals, we don’t offer a set menu of pricing. This allows us only offer you the services that are absolutely necessary to meeting your goals. So how much does this all cost? Let’s set up a call, discuss your goals, and see which of our services will best fit your needs. And then we can discuss price.

The one exception to this rule is our hourly coaching, which can be purchased by the hour at a set rate. We offer a special rate to designers and bloggers in the craft industry.

At Rainmaker Media Works, we offer three main services:


Whether you are looking for someone to set up your social media accounts or for long-term guidance to help your in-house staff, we can help. Services included in our Coaching  and Consulting Services group:

  • General Coaching – phone or skype coaching on your specific needs and goals, provided hourly by appointment. We can review anything in your social media portfolio, on your blog, and more. Starting at $200 per hour.
  • Strategic Plan Development – We review your social media accounts, blog, and other online marketing efforts. We then discuss your company goals and develop a strategic bullet point action plan for you to follow to meet your goals. Starting at $300.
  • Monthly Monitoring – we’ll keep an eye on your accounts, watching for customer service issues, successful content, and more, providing feedback to you monthly in the form of an action plan style report. One hour of coaching is included with any monitoring package.
  • Team Coaching * Jennifer Recommends *– Let’s take this long-term. We provide hourly coaching to your team monthly, along with monthly monitoring, to help train and guide your team in managing your company’s social media marketing and content creation in-house. Minimum 6 month contract.


A challenge facing many product manufacturers is the need for content that can be shared on company marketing outlets, such as on the company blog, in newsletters, and on social media. The traditional design team model in the craft industry doesn’t work for everyone. We’ve developed a successful Influencer Program system that we can tailor to your company to help you accomplish your marketing goals, find influential content creators to partner with, and get the content you need to make your goals happen. We find influencers and pre-screen them for acceptance into the program and then help the company develop targeted influencer campaigns that dovetail with the company’s current marketing goals. * Jennifer Recommends *

Are you looking to form a Design Team? We can do that too, bringing over 6 years in Design Team Management experience to the table. We help select the team members, provide them guidelines and training, and manage cross-promotions and other campaigns involving the team.

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You know you need to “be on social media” but you don’t know how and have no interest in learning. You just want to hire it out. We do that! Hire us to manage your social media channels, create a strategy in line with your company goals, and work with you regularly to help build a community around your brand and values. We specialize in these social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Vine, Instagram, and YouTube.

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